Lip Scrub .07 ounce
Lip Scrub .07 ounce
Lip Scrub .07 ounce
Colquitt Bath Co.

Lip Scrub .07 ounce

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These delicious Lip Scrubs are created completely  fresh, and  in-house with the BEST natural ingredients for healthy lips.

We start with a blend of cane sugar, then add highly moisturizing cocoa butter to deeply hydrate your lips, we add nourishing avocado oil, coconut oil and skin protecting jojoba oil to create an intensive treatment for lovely sexy lips.

Each Lip Scrub has a hand designed label with almost a full ounce of Lip Scrub in a glass jar, so you can see the colorful product inside. 

Our Lip Scrubs are a very special treat for the lips, created to lightly exfoliate dead skin off the lips, and infuse them with a bountiful amount of natural antioxidants found in the enormous amount of skin loving oils we’ve added. 

Grab one for yourself to nourish and hydrate your lips, and the skin around them, you will be amazed at the difference and addicted to this product!  Better yet gift one of these unique artisan made lip scrubs for a friend, daughter, or someone special, they are the perfect little treat to say someone is sweet to you! 


cane sugar, cocoa butter, coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, flavor.

 *Do not use this product on severely chapped or burnt lips, as it may cause irritation, please discontinue if irritation occurs. 

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