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Get Rewarded For Your Shopping Loyalty

Its easy to become a Colquitt Bath Co. Reward Member   enjoy being rewarded just for shopping!  You collect reward points for every dollar you spend, each dollar equals a reward point!

When you collect enough points to unlock a reward, you will be sent the reward by email or text, you can choose to claim the reward, or continue saving your reward points and watch them grow so you unlock larger rewards, once a reward is claimed, your points will be deducted in the amount of the reward claimed.

So take advantage of these perks, because its so nice to get rewarded!

PLUS... it's FREE and so easy to get started!

To open an reward account with Colquitt Bath Co. just add your email at check-out, or sign up for our newsletter, that's it!

Once we receive your sign-up email we will send you an invitation to join! Be sure and fill it out completely so you can take advantage of ALL our rewards! 

So..... now that you're a Colquitt Bath Co. rewards member you can check your rewards anytime on our website, just click the box before check-out,  

Check Rewards  and you can check to see how your rewards are stacking up,  and even claim them too!


  • 50 Points = $2.00 OFF Any Purchase
  • 100 Points = $4.00 OFF Any Artisan Soap
  • 250 Points = $8.00 OFF Any Artisan Soap
  • 400 Points = $15.00 OFF Any Purchase ($40.00 Minimum Purchase)
  • 500 Points = $20.00 OFF Any Purchase ($70.00 Minimum Purchase)
  • 1000 Points = $50.00 OFF Any Purchase ($200.00 Minimum Purchase)



  • Create an Account = 10 Points
  • Complete Profile = 10 Points
  • Share our Facebook Post = 25 Points
  • Follow us on Instagram = 10 Points
  • Points for your Birthday! = 20 Points
  • Like us on Facebook = 10 Points
  • Review a Product on our Website = 25 Points
  • Refer a Friend = 50 Point

Start collecting TODAY! Save for a special occasion, Christmas, birthdays, etc. or just spend them as the come! 


Reward points can not be used in conjunction with any other discount, percentage off, close-outs, free shipping or certain sales events, points can only be redeemed for Colquitt Bath Co. merchandise, the rewards have no "actual cash value," and can be changed or discontinued at anytime per our discretion.

Wholesale customers do not qualify for reward memberships on their wholesale account, but can have a personal account with rewards. Reward points expire one year from acquiring, you are notified prior to rewards expiring.