Silver Birch Soap  5.5 ounces
Silver Birch Soap  5.5 ounces
Silver Birch Soap  5.5 ounces
Colquitt Bath Co.

Silver Birch Soap 5.5 ounces

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Sometimes it’s just black & white, no gray area. Our handcrafted artisan soaps are just that, made fresh, made locally right here in our shop. 

You will absolutely love our Silver Birch, with its deep dry down of Vetiver, birch leaves, ozonic notes, clementine peel, white geraniums, sandalwood, sequoia woods, orange peel and the light scent you smell when a storm in the air, this woodsy scent is manly in the best possible way, intoxicatingly sexy. 

Made with richly moisturizing olive oil, deeply hydrating and skin Ph balancing goats milk, nurturing coconut oil, and vitamin infused sunflower seed oil, all these natural ingredients mixed together create one amazing bar of body soap. 

Skin feels extremely clean, soft and nurtured, the only way to obtain this combination of soft and clean,  is by using handcrafted soaps.

The best classic gift you could purchase for someone. Artisan soap. 

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