Handcrafted Loofah Lemongrass Soap 4.0 oz
Handcrafted Loofah Lemongrass Soap 4.0 oz
Handcrafted Loofah Lemongrass Soap 4.0 oz
Handcrafted Loofah Lemongrass Soap 4.0 oz
Handcrafted Loofah Lemongrass Soap 4.0 oz
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Handcrafted Loofah Lemongrass Soap 4.0 oz

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Their BACK!

Our Loofah Lemongrass soaps are back in stock, they are now ROUND and not oval! Pictures SOON! Same amount of soap or more though. 


The Loofah Scrub comes from the gourd-like secretions of the loofah plant, a known relative of the cucumber. The gourd forms a network that harden and become very durable when dried, forming
what is known as the Loofah Body Sponge. In spite this name, the loofah is definitely not a sponge, natural loofah
which is a sea creature. Perfectly safe to use – Loofahs are made out of all natural sources, which means they do not contain and artificial substances that may cause risks to the skin.

Our 100% All Natural Loofah Lemongrass handcrafted soap smells fresh and feels delightful on your skin. Revitalize your skin with a Loofah Soap, a spa quality experience, an affordable indulgence. This multi-functioning soap yields skin renewal, rejuvenation, even perfect pedicures!

You will eliminate dead skin cells, automatically giving you smooth, youthful, glowing skinChanging your loofah soap regularly ensures that you are exfoliating while the loofah is still fresh, resulting in better exfoliation for smoother skin.

Loofah soaps have also been credited with anecdotal benefits like improving circulation, reducing the appearance of cellulite, and increasing skin elasticity.

Stimulate your skin's blood circulation, by using this soap similar to "dry brushing" the skin, a popular technique used in high-end spas.

So beyond the skin benefits of this soap it "smells" absolutely divine with its clean steam distilled essential oil blend, we know if your a lover of Lemongrass you will fall in love with our fresh made soap!


Ingredients: distilled water saponified oils of olive, coconut, avocado, palm, castor, shea butter, lemongrass, patchouli, sage, and rosemary essentials, natural loofah. 

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