Himalayan Salt Bar Soap 8.5 oz
Himalayan Salt Bar Soap 8.5 oz
Himalayan Salt Bar Soap 8.5 oz
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Himalayan Salt Bar Soap 8.5 oz

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Our handcrafted 100% Pure & Natural Himalayan Salt soap bars are literally bursting with kosher certified Himalayan salts, bursting!  Each bar is fully packed with these amazing mineral salts, which are loaded with trace elements essential to our well being, these salts enhance the health of your skin, your skin feels reborn after using a salt bar, silky and soft, healthy and radiant.

Each bar is made with rich organic coconut oil and moisturizing organic olive oil, then infused with minty Peppermint essential oil, this bar is fresh and alive with Mother Nature.

Those will problematic skin will truly enjoy the many wonderful benefits this bar yields, not to mention it is extremely long lasting when kept dry. If you suffer from Psoriasis you should research the possible benefits of using mineral salts on your skin. 

Using this bar is not like a regular soap, your lather with be very thin, not bubble, nor lather due to the large amount of salt content, but it is in fact the pure mineral salts with in the bar, that deeply cleanse your pores, nurtures your skin and restores a healthy balance to unhealthy skin, as it leaves behind an abundance of skin enhancing minerals. 



Sapponified oils of Organic Olive Oil, Organic Coconut oil, Palm Kernel oil,  Peppermint essential oil, Kosher certified Himalayan Salt.  


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